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Providing an inclusive environment, safe for everyone to bare it all.

Waxology is a boutique waxing studio conveniently located in Everett and Seattle,Washington. A unique wax salon environment where clients can come, to not only enhance their natural beauty, and also create a genuine relationship with their esthetician, in a truly welcoming, positive environment.

Our Staff

We are a team of licensed and experienced estheticians that know how to care for your most delicate areas. We pride ourselves on being personable and approachable while creating a comfortable enviroment for everybody.

Your Experience

We cater to a full range of individuals who seek our services for their own level of personal comfort. We welcome everyone through our door for a positive experience in our welcoming enviroment.

Meet Our Estheticians

Athena, owner of Waxology & Esthetician


Owner / Esthetician

“Our intentions create our reality.”

I went to school at the Euro Institute in Renton, WA many years ago. I am still grateful for the opportunity to learn with founder Annemarie Camenzind, who’s passion deepened my love of esthetics.
My specialty is to help clients see that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Whether it is from a brow transformation or various bikini waxes my ultimate goal is to help your inner beauty shine brighter for you.

Waxology owner/Esthetician Brandi


Owner / Esthetician

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

I totally believe in the power of positive thinking and if you put your mind to it almost anything is possible. About me, I attended Evergreen Beauty College. I would consider my specialty to be curating a special bond with each and everyone of my clients, that is what I love most. I also love the ability to provide a service to guests that helps make them feel better about themselves but what is most meaningful I feel is the relationship that we are able to grow along the way. I learn and grow so much from each guest I see and I hope they feel the same, as well.

Waxology esthetician Emily



“I just want to come home, put on my ‘mono and hang loose man.” – Schmidt

A graduate from Evergreen Beauty College in Everett, I would consider my specialty to be all about brows and brazilians, because both offer such quick results that are super noticeable for the client. Brows can make such a difference to someone’s face and I’m eager to hone in on the artistry behind them.


Lash Artist

Waxology esthetician Madalynn



Hi! I’m Madalynn. I graduated from Evergreen Beauty College in March of 2013. I got into this industry originally because of my passion for building relationships and making people feel like the best version of themselves! I would say my favorite service to offer would be a Brazilian because it is always my goal to make it a nearly painless and quick experience for you! Or definitely a lash lift and tint because of the quick and gorgeous transformation of the lashes.

Waxology esthetician Natalie



“Kindness always comes back.”

I went to the Euro Institue of Skincare in Renton, Washington. From there my specialty really is connecting with the clients I see and making them feel really comfortable and taken care of. It is fulfilling to know I have helped someone look and feel their best.